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Mar. 7th, 2013

First Sentences, First Minutes, First Seconds

This contest is now over! Thanks to all who entered!
Ned Vizzini Prize Pack, March 2013

⇑ That's the prize pack I'm offering for my contest: 1 House of Secrets advance copy (with special packaging), 1 Be More Chill, & 1 It's Kind of a Funny Story audiobook. All signed by me.

To enter, just retweet THIS LINK, which contains the first line of House of Secrets:

"Brendan Walker knew the house was going to be terrible."

I will pick one winner every week until April 19! Booksellers: you have preferential treatment because I like you. But other than that, winners chosen randomly!

WINNERS: 3/8 - @rlSPNfn; 3/15 - @theannieru; 3/22 - @NickGo; 3/29 - @rebeccajillian; 4/15 - @FluffingtonMan; 4/12 - @SammyStrikes; 4/17 - @AutumnElyzabeth
Ned Vizzini Prize Pack, 2 of 2

Now, I think a lot about first lines. I believe the most important thing about a book is its ending, because if a book starts off badly, but ends well, it leaves you redeemed and buoyant. But the second-most important thing is the first line.

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