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The 25 Winners of the House Of Secrets "Secret for a Secret" Contest

Thanks all who entered the House of Secrets contest!

House of Secrets Cover with JKR Quote

This book is coming out April 23, 2013, but the 25 people who won this contest will get an advance copy in some special packaging.

We had more than 100 people enter this contest from all over the world. The challenge was to share a secret about yourself, something a stranger wouldn't know.... and the best (funniest, bravest, weirdest) secrets won House of Secrets.

If your name has a * next to it, that means I DO NOT HAVE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS. You need to contact me through Facebook or my contact page to give me your mailing address for me to send you a book.


  1. higgschrishiggs *
    I cry during nearly every episode of How I Met Your Mother.

  2. juliarepusic
    I used to break my cousins toys and wait for them to find them and when they did I would blame it on my sisters

  3. narajoe176
    When I was little I used to steal (and eat) my puppy's dog chocolate ;P

  4. MendiolaBrandon
    I am guilty of taking a Pacific Cooler Capri Sun in my lunch everyday...and yes, I am a college student. #YOLO

  5. mudgeAmoo
    I write msgs in my text books addressed to the next owner of it. Sending them on a wild hunt around the area.

  6. Oneminutemonkey
    My secret: I used to cheat at Rubik's Cube by taking it apart and putting it back together....

  7. ahleeseeah
    I'm still mourning the distinct lack of my Hogwarts letter

  8. ravenuhler
    When I broke my mom's favorite glass, instead of putting it back, I just threw it away

  9. ParanoiDork
    I used to eat dirt

  10. finnickly
    i set fires to feel joy

  11. sacrulen *
    when was 14 a spider crawled on me & i spent hours writing out my will because i genuinely thought i was dying

  12. RackLuvsBooks *
    Every year, I toss out the Xmas candy by g'ma buys me. I don't tell her b/c it reminds her of my childhood.

  13. amystokes12 *
    when I was little I glued my grandparents dogs together and blamed it on my brother. (Wanted Siamese twin dogs)

  14. MichelleBitnerS *
    I eat my children's candy when they are not home.

  15. JessicaMFlesher *
    I had a private theory during most of second grade that Europe was a story that adults had made up.

  16. justdave360 *
    When i was a kid i take all the sprinkler heads off of neighbors yard and me and my had a hidden collection.

  17. Jackulation12 *
    When I was little, I used to pretend to my school friends that I lived in London and David Beckham was my Dad.

  18. lolcandypop *
    When I was really little, like at the age of four, I used to want to marry my dad when I got older.

  19. lovepookybees *
    When I was little I would walk around the food store and eat all the veggies. I thought they were free.

  20. Desi_Gay *
    When I was a kid I pooped my pants at my neighbors house then hid my undies in their houseplant and ran home

  21. bookishandnerdy *
    i am deathly afraid of snails and slugs

  22. amandameetsbook
    I had an imaginary friend named Normal. He "died" in an underground volcano in my grandma's backyard.

  23. xpewdieschair *
    [secret redacted]

  24. skyrocketedfame *
    When I watched Harry Potter 6 in the cinema, I stood in the part where the students raised their wands in respect of Dumbledore's death. Nobody dared to tell me to sit down

  25. Noelle (via email) *
    When I had my first baby, I was terrified when I was the only adult home with her. I was afraid to be totally responsible for this little human being.

If you have a * next to your username, please be in touch with your mailing address to get your prize book!
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