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A Secret for a Secret: House of Secrets Twitter Giveaway Contest

UPDATE: the contest is open until Feb 1, 2013 has been extended to Feb 15, 2013!

Gremlins & Goonies creator Chris Columbus and I have a new book coming April 23, 2013: House of Secrets.

House of Secrets by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini

(Yes, the book -- which is the start of a series -- has a quote from "The Queen Herself".)

Would you like to get a free copy of House of Secrets before it comes out?

Sorry. Now I'm going really nuts with the fonts. To get your copy:

  1. Tweet a secret about yourself hashtagged #HouseOfSecrets

    It doesn't have to be a crazy secret. It should not be anything that gets you into legal trouble. Just something a stranger wouldn't know. Example:

    Ned's Secret for 'House of Secrets'

  2. Show me the tweet
    You can either put "@ned_vizzini" in the tweet, or you can bring it to my attention via my Facebook or website contact form, or in a comment below.

That's it! Once I see your tweet, I will contact you for your address & send you a free advance copy of the book!

Numbers are limited, because I have 14 (count 'em, 14) 20 (I got more books!) books to give away.

'House of Secrets' Promotional Packaging


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