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The Other Normals: Choose Your Venture

I have a new book out called The Other Normals!

Well, it's not technically out yet, not as I write this, but it will be out in a week, so I'm starting to just consider it out and deal with the consequences. It's like turning 29. It's best just to assume that you're 30 and move on.

I have three giveaways I'm doing for the book that involve prizes for YOU:

  1. #TheOtherNormals Camp Mortification Hashtag Contest

    The Other Normals is about summer camp (as well as swords -- and growing up) and it's based in part on my summer camp experience. I had some bad times in summer camp and have horrible stories like this one:

    Ned Vizzini Summer Camp Streaking Story on YouTube

    But I know I'm not the only one. So for this contest:

    1. Tweet your most mortifying summer camp memory @ned_vizzini and tag it #TheOtherNormals (the memory can be in the form of a picture, a vlog, a tweet, a blog, etc.)

    2. The 10 best (worst) memories will get a SIGNED HARDCOVER of The Other Normals with a personal response to your memory from me.

    Good luck!

  2. The Other Normals Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter Game

    Kaitlin Pike has created an amazing Other Normals Twitter Game that plays like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books!

    Here's how it works:

    1. Tweet "@OthrNrml start" to start playing.

    2. The game will interact with you through your "@ Connect" tab. Follow the prompts.

    3. As with life, most paths end in death! But if you manage to beat the game, take a screenshot and tell me and you will get a FREE SIGNED BOOK.

    Credit for the coding of the game goes to:

    Kaitlin Pike

    She wrote about its construction here. Good luck!

  3. The Just-Tweet-"#TheOtherNormals" And-I'll-Send-You-A-Bookmark Contest

    Just send out a tweet tagged #TheOtherNormals and then tell me about it (through Twitter, Facebook, or my contact page) and I will send you a free signed handsome Other Normals bookmark:

    Other Normals Bookmark

    Quantities are somewhat limited. My time is very limited because I am going to Hawaii for the filming of Last Resort, the new show in ABC that I am writing for! But I will get your your bookmark.

When It's Kind of a Funny Story came out, I started signing it "Rock on, be strong" because I thought it sounded mellifluous.


I'm signing The Other Normals "Choose your venture." Because I've been lucky enough to choose mine, and I don't think I'm particularly smart or worthy.

Enjoy the book!

The Other Normals Final Back Cover

The Other Normals -- Cover

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