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The Other Normals / Beyond The Wall Banner Giveaway Contest

UPDATE: I am out of book prizes for this contest! The prize for this contest is now a handsome signed Other Normals bookmark.

Other Normals Bookmark

Okay so we are a month two weeks away from the release of my next book The Other Normals!

I am running a contest to promote the book.

Call it the Other Normals / Beyond the Wall Banner Giveaway Contest (because that's easy to say). To enter:

  1. Take this gif banner code and put it anywhere on your blog:

  2. Comment on this blog entry with a link to the blog where you put the banner

  3. You will win a signed copy of Beyond The Wall, the anthology I contributed to about the Game of Thrones books:
    Beyond The Wall on a Black Background
    Beyond the Wall Signed
    ...But it'll look even better than that, because I will personalize it for you and spell your name right and everything.
    • Copies are limited so please enter now to guarantee your prize!

    • As always with these things, I pay shipping because I'm like that.

Thanks for entering! There's lots of other stuff going on but I'm not going to be able to talk about it until next month because book promo waits for no human.

Tags: beyond the wall, books, contest, smart pop, the other normals

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