What's In Your Head When You Wake Up

I had a nightmare about missing an important plane flight and ruining my career as a result. I have these dreams every so often; they're the adult version of the dreams when you show up for history class but you don't have your history project (and you're naked). But this time I woke up with a few lines of poetry in my head:

When it really is over

Maybe someday I'll use that in an epic poem about failure.

In the meantime, thankfully, things in my non-dream-world career are going well. I'm writing for the new ABC drama Last Resort which premieres in fall (Thu. nights, 8pm)!

Last Resort - Flag in the Water
[click to watch trailer]

If you're interested in following the process as it unfolds, follow the Last Resort writers' room on Twitter.

And my next book The Other Normals comes out on September 25, 2012! If you can't wait, enter this Goodreads contest to get a galley:

Okay, I gotta get to work!